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A New Heart Rhythm Clinic down the South Coast of NSW

In a significant step towards enhancing cardiac care in the region, Canberra Heart Rhythm has expanded its wings by establishing a new clinic in Broulee, located on the picturesque South Coast of New South Wales.

At the forefront of this notable expansion is A/Prof Rajeev Pathak, a leading figure in cardiac electrophysiology research and practice in Australia. He envisions the new clinic as a beacon of hope and convenience for heart patients residing along the southern coastal belt of NSW.

Explaining the motivation behind this strategic move, A/Prof Pathak stated, “Our aim is to bring specialised cardiac care closer to home for our patients. With the establishment of this clinic, residents of the coastal area no longer need to undertake the journey to Canberra for diagnostics and consultations.”

This Broulee clinic underscores Canberra Heart Rhythm’s commitment to accessibility and its dedication to serving communities beyond city limits. Local residents can now access top-tier cardiac expertise right at their doorstep, ensuring timely interventions and a continuity of care.

The community can look forward to benefiting from these services soon, as the clinic is set to open its doors in late October 2023